Friday 21st of June 2024    

Bethnan Training Center

In today's competitive work environment, it is important to keep your computer skills current. Superior computer skills can lead to salary increases and demonstrate your expertise and competence to employers and co-workers.

Our Beginners' Package provides individuals with a broad-based local certification, verifying that they possess the accepted standard level of computer, word processing and Internet literacy, making them more efficient and marketable.

With our Desktop Publishing Package you can create amazing graphics, brochures, advertisements, web sites, greeting cards, business cards and newsletters using CorelDRAW and PHOTO-PAINT! Most newspapers including prepare their graphics and layout using CorelDRAW. Therefore, all advertising agencies need persons who are proficient with CorelDRAW and PHOTO-PAINT.

Virtually all organizations use some form of computerized accounting, anything between a fully integrated accounting solution to a collection of spreadsheets. If you wish to pursue or enhance a career in accounting and finance, it is essential that you possess working knowledge of computerized accounting systems. Start now with a spreadsheet accounting package Microsoft Excel. Learn to start customizing your account sheet, log book, etc.

With our Website Developer Package, you can learn how to create attractive, interactive and professional web sites. Many companies and organizations in Nigeria and the world over are now creating and maintaining their web sites. Web sites are now an integral part of a business. It is a total representation of the business and what it does. Hundreds of millions of potential global customers and business partners see a business through its web site.

With all our packages come Introduction to Typewriting. It is very important that computer students learn the effective way of communicating with the computer using the Keybaord. This course will introduce students to Windows Keys, Function Keys, Alphanumeric Keys. The earlier a student become familiar with this the better. We recommend that you register for Typing classes for continued practice.


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