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Beginner's Package

If you are new to computers, this is where you can start! This Beginners' Package (Certificate Program) will introduce computers to you clearly and systematically.

This Package provides individuals with a broad-based local certification, verifying that they possess the accepted standard level of computer, word processing and Internet literacy, making them more efficient and marketable.


Introduction to Computer (ITC)

Duration: 2 weeks
Prerequisites: Knowledge of English Language

This course is designed to give a mild introduction to computers. The students should appreciate what a computer is and its uses. On completion, the participants should be familiar with all the components of the computer, how the computer works, how to use the keyboard and mouse and also familiar with some simple programs.

Introduction to Windows (ITW)

Duration: 2 weeks
Prerequisites: ITC

This course is designed to instruct students to use computers with the Windows Operating System. It introduces students to the Windows environment, running multiple programs, file management, using help, searching for documents, customizing the windows interface, using the control panel and other utilities.

Introduction to Typewriting

Duration: 2 weeks
Prerequisites: ITC, ITW

It is very important that computer students learn the effective way of communicating with the computer using the Keybaord. This course will introduce students to Windows Keys, Function Keys, Alphanumeric Keys. The earlier a student become familiar with this the better. We recommend that you register for Typing classes for continued practice.

Microsoft Word

Duration: 4 weeks
Prerequisites: ITC, ITW, ITT

Students will be trained to produce professional documents such as business letters, brochures and reports. Students will be comfortable with the basic mechanisms of word processing, including how to create a document, how to edit and format a document, how to save and open a document and how to print documents in Microsoft Word. Students will also be familiar with the advance features available in MS Word such as Headers and Footers, Styles, Office Art and Workgroup Collaboration.

Internet and Emailing

Duration: 2 weeks
Prerequisites: ITC, Windows XP

Students will understand what the Internet is and how it works. Also get considerable practice on 'browsing the web'. There is an enormous amount of information in the web, therefore efficient searching techniques would be mastered. All students will also get a life-time e-mail account and learn how to send, receive and manage electronic mails.


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